Slav Petkovic

Slav Petkovic

Slav Petkovic


About Me.

One of the most important things about me is that I am a professional dad with 6 years of experience, and my family comes first, no matter what opportunity may be placed in front of me. They would never be the reason I fail at anything, rather, they would be the reason I succeed.

Now, if you're still here …

I am a Data Scientist with a background in astrophysics. My language of choice is mathematics, a language free of the passion of men, by which the universe expresses itself through patterns, variables and conditions of existence. I enjoy the journey of applying algorithms to identify patterns that could explain the meaning of given observation. In this quest of rational experiences, I have chosen science as my lens through which I observe the world and shape my reality.

Afterall …

I am only human. My biggest dream is to become a millionaire, but not in the way one might expect. I wish to touch a million hearts, and inspire a million minds, for compassion is the only currency that I truly value.

Because he said…

What man, is a man who doesn’t make world better?


Personal Information

  • NameSlavoljub Petkovic
  • Age36 Years
  • ResidenceAtlanta, USA
  • Natural LanguagesEnglish, Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian, Rusian
  • Machine LanguagesPython, R, Julia, C, C#, VB, JavaScript and Java

My Infographic Resume.


  • Developer / Data Scientist

    Contractor at Ash Projects, ATL/USA, UK

    Develops ETL processes using Python, AWS and Azure environment. Perform predictive analytics on customer behavior using algorithms for time series analysis (ARIMA, Regressions, FbPrhphet etc.). Provides visual reporting using Sisense and MS Power BI.

    Present 2016
  • Data Scientist

    HDSupply, ATL, USA

    Performed data mining and modeling using a variety of machine learning techniques (clustering, decision tree, KNN means, Regressions, Similarity etc.) Developed processes and tools to monitor and analyze model performance and data accuracy using Python, SQL and R.

    2020 2019
  • Sr. Data Analyst

    HDSupply, ATL, USA

    Analyzed data from various sources to ensure accuracy. Developed tools to monitor for compliance to standards. Developed procedures and applications for data collection, evaluation, metrics and reporting. Daily monitored and measured for accuracy and data integrity.

    2019 2016
  • Solution Analyst

    Brickstream / Nomi, ATL, USA

    Analyzed data to understand customer needs and requirements for solution deployment using Excel, SQL and Microstrategy. Created site designs using MS Visual Studio. Performed sensor configuration and validation of data received from sensors.

    2016 2014
  • Data Engineer

    Brickstream / Nomi, ATL, USA

    Administrator of SalesForce platform. Produced necessary reporting for upper management using Excel, SQL and Microstrategy. Managed deployment of video analytics to big box retailers and banks across the US, Europe and Australia.

    2014 2012
  • Business Data Analyst

    The Home Depot, ATL, USA

    Conducted data mining from various sources and performed descriptive analytics on profit and loss using SQL and Excel. Administrator for Sharepoint for Repair and Central Reverse Logistic teams. Negotiated and maintained contracts with 3rd party suppliers.

    2012 2009


  • Machine Learning

    By Amazon, ATL, USA

    Currently working on Machine Learning program with emphasis on:

    • Developing Machine Learning application.

    • Practical Data Science with Amazon SageMakger and Pipeline on AWS

    • Machine learning and computer vision theory

    • Machine Learning Translation and NLP.

    Active 2020
  • Data Science and Analtyics

    Georgia Institute Of Technology, ATL, USA

    Completed Data Science program with Full Stack development using Python and FbProphet, Sqlite3 flask and html. Program emphasis on:

    • Modeling and Forecasting with advanced Statistics.

    • Python programming and analytics using NumPy, Pandas, Matplodlib, API interactions.

    • Utilize databases MySQL, MS SQL Server, MongoDB and sqlite3 while building ETL process.

    • Front End Web Development with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Dashboarding, JavaScript, D3.js, leaflet.js.

    • Business intelligence with Tableau and MS Power BI.

    • Machine learning using TesnorFlow, Scikit-learn, Keras and big data analytics with Hadoop.

    2019 2018
  • Data Science

    Springboard, USA

    Completed Data Science program with capstone project on Global Warming using ARIMA time series model with R language.

    2017 2017
  • BS Astrophysics and Astronomy

    Faculty of Sciences, Novi Sad, Serbia

    Emphasis on Physics, Astronomy, Statistics, Calculus and non-Euclidean geometry. Worked on Mars environment simulation with "Cyanobacterias"

    2006 2003
  • High School for Electrical Enginering

    Technical School Center, Zvornik, Bosnia

    Emphasis on high and low energy with discrete electronics.

    2003 1999




Data Science

Utilizing Python, I can set up ETL process, produce descriptive and predictive analytics with machine learning, create an API to feed data to any web platform.

Data Visualization

Using JavaScript, Tableau, Sisense or Microsoft Power BI I will visualize the meaning of your data providing necessary insights.


With Python, Java, C or C# I can assist in development of Windows and Android based applications.

Graphic Design

For your digital content presentations, with Microsoft and Adobe Tools I can provide uniqle designs to match your needs.

Analytical Skills









Coding Skills